Reindeer printable

Today I am going to share a reindeer printable! I am so happy I have started to draw again. I use to love drawings and stopped while studying my degree, then a few years ago my sister talked to me about these pencils, an easy way to start some watercolor practice.

I made some regular drawings for the girls crafts but never found a moment to try watercolors. And last month I finally bought the right paper and tried the pencils.

It’s actually not that hard,even if I need to improve my skills,and it’s really satisfying!

After a few tries,that I will be slowly sharing, I tried to recreate a watercolor reindeer, Rudolph style 🦌 And gave it to my girls to play some #facethefoliage with red maple leaves.

That’s why I am sharing here the reindeer printable, so you can print it at home and maybe your kids will also love to glue some leaves to create the antlers!

Watercolor Reindeer printable
Watercolor sketch
Deer Watercolor sketch

That’s a similar activity than the one I shared a few months ago, that you can find here .

You just need to download the template (scroll down),print it and use some leaves to add the antlers. Some kids just like to draw the antlers by themselves. And you can even try watercolor pencils, coloring and then adding some water with a brush,they usually love it!

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I will be practicing more and soon I’ll use them as homeschooling cards, turning them into templates and more printables, I hope you like them!xx

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