Elf on the shelf puppet

Elf on the shelf puppet: my new free printable for you!

December is almost here! That means that Christmas is around the corner too! That’s why today I am sharing here a new “elf on the shelf” printable!

So we have started to decorate (we like to start Christmas decorations the last week of November). I have our Advent Calendar ready (the one I shared on my last blog, with photos to make a family album).

And today I finished a new watercolor sketch! I just drew an Elf using the watercolor pencils again. Then I made a printable to create a puppet. It’s the first time I made one so I am happy I didn’t mess up!🙈

We don’t celebrate the Elf in the shelf here (Spain/France) but I like the idea of that tradition, even if I don’t think I will start it at home because I am sure I will forget every day. 😅 That’s why I thought that a printable puppet would be cute, girls love to play with puppets and we can use it as a decoration too.🙌

If you scroll you will find the printable and the video, and you just need to download it if you want to print your little elf at home.đŸ„°

Elf on the shelf puppet

How does that Elf on the shelf printable work?

You just need to download the template and print it.

Then cut the different parts of the elf and use long fasteners to make it articulated.

I hid the “shoulders ” under the collar and add three more,one for the neck and two hips. You can glue the printed sheet to recycled cardboard or laminated it.

It’s also a beautiful and unique Christmas decoration, and I am thinking about different sized ones for more fun, or maybe different characters! What do you think about it? I will keep you updated!

Elf on the shelf Watercolor printable

You can find it also on my Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/reel/CWlv4w0o755/?utm_medium=copy_link

And click the link below to download it!

Hope you like it!xx

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