Poooli inkless printers

Have you heard about poooli inkless printers before? When I first saw poooli pocket printers I couldn’t believe it! They use thermal technology to print your tags and pictures without any ink! How cool is that!

Poooli Inkless printers

Take notes, edit and print your favorite photos. You can also print websites, docs labes and more. Make you life more organized. Never forget anything!


Ink and sustainability

Even though I print a lot of work for our homeschooling activities,I am aware that ink isn’t a really eco-friendly option. We try to print templates just one each and keep them in order to reuse them. There are also ways to make the printing journey greener, like recycling and buying recycled ink cartridges. But then I saw these pocket printers from poooli,these are thermal printers and use no ink!

I have been gifted the L1 model (L1 model ) and already love it,it’s perfect for our scrapbooking. For our Advent calendar we are making a family photo album,so each day we add some photos to the album and we can print tags and texts with poooli. You have different kind of papers like sticker paper,golden etc and they don’t contain Bisphenol A.

Poooli inkless printers

How does it work?

Once you have your poooli pocket printer,you will download their app and connect via Bluetooth with your phone or tablet. After that, you can print your photos,notes, lessons and even make lists or reminders to keep yourself organized. I love the scan option,you can easily convert a photo into a pdf .

There is also a social platform too in order to communicate with other users!

Can’t wait to use it again, I am looking forward to create Christmas present tags and it’s really helpful for our homeschooling activities!

Hope you like it!

Poooli thermal printers

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