Diy Christmas cards

🔸Diy Christmas cards 🔸Five more days! Santa will come soon and we have sent our Christmas cards: they are handmade and the girls could paint almost entirely by their selves. It’s a fun Christmas activity that you can add to your advent calendar or just to spend some quality family time with tour kids.

These past years we usually have been sending hand-print crafts but this year I wanted something different and easy to do, so that one was the perfect print for our cards: fairy lights painted with fingers.

For these we used brown paper sheets, acrylic paint, scissors and a black pen to draw the wire.

Diy Christmas cards for kids

How to:

For these I just fold A4 sheets in a half and drew the black lines ( as wires). Then we chose the colors for our fairy lights and we used our fingers, trying to alternate different colors in order to create a pattern.

Then I fold again the sheets and cut them creating two cards. I wrote inside a handwritten note for friends and my oldest wrote a few notes for their grandparents.

Diy Christmas cards for kids

It’s really simple but I love the result and the girls were so proud they made them, so I hope you like them too! It’s perfect for fine motor skills and they love painting so it’s a win for us!

And in case you need more inspo,these are some ideas of DIY cards made from hand prints. These are the ones we have been doing last years and sending to family:

Hand print Christmas card
Hand print Christmas card

Oh and today we’ll welcome another season so happy solstice to everyone! ❄️

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