Vegan polvorones

Vegan polvorones: Today I am going to share these delicious vegan polvorones!

Vegan Spanish polvorones

“Nights are getting shorter now

Hot chocolate fills the air and Christmas cheer does too
Picking out your Christmas tree, so lovely
The joy this time it brings to you


And we made vegan polvorones instead of cookiesđŸ€­

Polvorones are a must in Spain during holidays,they are made with lard but there is a vegan recipe with olive oil,flour, almonds and cinnamon,and it’s delish😁


For that recipe you’ll need:
150 gr raw almonds
245 gr flour
130 gr olive oil
50 gr nut butter
1/2 tsp cinnamon

Lemon zest
Sesame seed for styling

You just need to mix all the ingredients,put the dough in the fridge for one hour, prebake the oven and create small round cookies with the dough ( 2cm thick) bake for 15min 180° and they will be ready!

In Spain you’ll find polvorones, mantecados (with different flavors) and turrones for Christmas. The main ingredients are almonds and peanuts, and of course there is turrĂłn de chocolate which is so good!

Here in France my favorite Christmas dessert is the Christmas log, I will try to cook a chocolate one and try to share the recipe here,it will be also sugar free so stay tuned!

I hope that you liked today’s recipe and see you after Christmas! Have a great one!

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I shared that same photo on Instagram, happy to make part of a creative Christmas calendar where 25 creative have been sharing their art with carolling songs (I chose Santa’s coming for us, Sia) and I thought that it would be nice to try a Santa photo like this, hope you like it!xx

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