Christmas crafts from toilet paper rolls

Christmas crafts from toilet paper rolls: here’s a list of paper rolls crafts that we have been doing last month! Christmas holidays have been really productive as we made lots of crafts, this time we used a lot of paper rolls and egg cardboards: the possibilities are endless!

So I today I am going to share the ones we made to give you some ideas, I hope you like them! The best part is that they are #zerowaste , so you can reuse materials and reduce plastic waste.

Forest decor with egg cardboards

For our Christmas log cake we cut and painted some egg cardboards and made trees and mushrooms to create a forest ambiance.

Christmas crafts from toilet paper rolls
Egg cardboards boxes crafts
Mushrooms from Egg cardboards

Diy confetti poppers from toilet paper rolls

A fun one! The girls had such a blast with these poppers! You just need washi tape ( I use washi tape because it’s a sustainable alternative to plastic tape),an old balloon (cutting the top and glue it to the roll) and paint if you want to decorate it. We also reused old paper sheets to make confetti!

Three wise men characters from toilet paper rolls

An easy one to decorate your epiphany table, making your own recycled crowns and Three kings characters,we also made some camels and the girls still playing with them đŸ„°

Three wise men crafts

I don’t know what other people think about crafts from toilet paper rolls but for me it’s a great item to reuse, I didn’t know how to create camels but finally it was pretty easy without any tutorial, I just added a small cardboard to the roll and shaped it. The egg cardboards boxes are a bit harder just because we try to reuse them for groceries but when they are a bit old we use them for crafts, and I love the result, we’ll slowly share more of them !

Hope you enjoyed these Christmas crafts from toilet paper rolls and egg boxes, see you soon!xx

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