Vegan frozen clementine sorbet

Vegan frozen clementine sorbet! The perfect winter treat!

How good are clementines? It’s one of our favorite winter fruits. I remember when I was little and some times we had frozen oranges,it was delicious! I’d love to eat one of those again, it’s some of these childhood savours that you never forget!

So I tried to make something similar: a super easy and vegan sorbet. But with mandarines instead of oranges 🍊

The trickiest part for this recipe is to use the peels as containers: if you use ripe fruits it’ll be easier to peel.


For that first time I used 5 clementines, peeled them and mix the clementine segments with 2 coconut yaourts. Fill the small empty clementines with the mixture and freeze for one hour. The perfect dessert for little (and no so little) ones, no sugar and so tasty😋

You can use that recipe for all kind of fruits,we usually do sorbets like this but with cantaloupes during summer, refreshing! You can use oranges, melon, strawberries(all kind of berries actually).

And something that help us to eat fruits all year long,no matter their season,is to freeze them in order to make smoothies,sorbets,cakes etc. I freeze them in segments and we can enjoy them no matter the season 😊

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Hope you liked that vegan sorbet, we love sorbets and ice creams all year long so we are definitely going to make more of them!

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