Valentine’s glasses template

Valentine’s glasses template! Create heart glasses for love day with that free printable😍.

Last year I shared with you my very first freebie, a valentine’s guide with handmade gifts ideas ( you can find it here ). If you haven’t already, take a look of it! You’ll find there from simple handmade cards to homemade gifts to offer to your loved ones.

This year I tried something different for the girls, creating two templates: “hearts” and “xoxo” glasses for kids. It was pretty easy and they fit really good!

How to:

Scroll down and download the free template.

Print it and cut the eye’s holes.

Add pink/red cellophane paper (optional)

Laminated it and cut the shapes.

Glue the sticks.

It’s done!

Free heart glasses template

You can also add elastics instead of the stick. It’s also the perfect prop for Valentine’s day photos and cards!

Free template Valentine's day glasses

It’s a quick template that I made to start homeschooling crafts about valentine’s day but I decided to share it because it’s really easy to make! Hope you like it as well! Xoxo

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