Upcycled cupid custome

Upcycled cupid costume: valentine’s day is here and I wanted to share with you these projects that I made last year for the girls! Cardboard wings and upcycled bow and arrows! 💘

They are really easy and you just need cardboards and a wooden hanger!

That project actually started because my older was obsessed with Merida’s character from “rebel”, and she started to ask for a bow and arrow to play her character. It was the start of the year and valentine’s day was approaching so I thought that we could also use it to play cupidon and celebrate “love day”! So I looked for cardboards big enough to make the wings.

Upcycled cupid

DIY cupidon accessories:

To create the upcycled cupidon wings you just need to draw them on the cardboard and cut them. Add elastics and paint some “feathers” if you want!

For the bow we took a wooden hanger and remove the straight stick, you’ll use it as an arrow! Then replace it with an elastic and it’ll be done!

Upcycled bow and arrow

The girls are still playing with it! And it’s a cute prop for Valentine’s day 💘 What do you think about it? Hope you like it! xoxo

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Upcycled cupid costume
Upcycled cupid costume
Upcycled cupid costume

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