Kindness books for kids and parents

Kindness books for kids and parents: with last things occuring in Europe this month, I thought that it could be important to check our Kid’s library and their books to help them become kind adults.

February is the black story month and we haven’t forgotten what happened to George Floyd. At that time we muted our voices for a month and after that I decided to write a blog post about books for kids that could help. You can find the link here:

Sometimes we can feel useless facing these events and also don’t want to share fake news or mute other important voices. But there is also a way to help and sometimes we don’t even need to leave the house. You can find some useful posts that talk about easy ways to help Ukraine right now:

You can also sign petitions like that one:

And you can also create a better society being an adult humanKIND or raising your little ones as emphatic and kinds future adults.

Obviously books can help you so you can find below links to adults tools to raise kind people and kindness books for kids. .

Adult books to raise kind kids

Kindness books
Kindness books
Kindness books
Kindness books

Kindness books for babies and toddlers

Hope you liked that list of kindness books for kids and parents.

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