Cardboard harlequin masks

Cardboard Harlequin masks: our new seasonal craft is ready! Shrove Tuesday is almost here and this week we focused on #diy costumes, carnival masks and harlequins.

I must say,I have never been a big fan of harlequins…I remember one that my mom has when we were little and it was so beautiful,but the other ones usually make me uncomfortable. Despite this fact, I wanted to create something really typical so we took some cardboards to upcycle into masks and crowns, but harlequin style!

Cardboard harlequin hats

For my little one we choose a crown, I cut a cardboard 45×10 cm and let her paint it. Then three triangles that we painted with three primary colors. We let them dry and glued the different parts. She decided to add some pearls too.

Diy harlequin costumes
Harlequin diy masks

For my big girl I used one of the printables that I shared last year (you can find it here: ). I chose the simple mask,used it as a pattern to cut the cardboard and then cut two horns. We painted the mask black,and then cut some white rhombuses that we glued to the mask. That wasn’t planned but the activity turned into the perfect shape study, learning more about squares, triangles, rhombuses etc.

Cardboard harlequin masks
Cardboard harlequin masks
How to create cardboard harlequin masks

The girls enjoyed every single part of these cardboard harlequin masks crafts, we added some face makeup to finish the outfits and took some photos. We are ready to celebrate carnival now! Hope you like these!

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