Color hunt for kids

Color hunt with a Nature color wheel: our new favorite tool for walks!

Spring is coming and we can feel it,the days are warmer and lots of wildflowers and blossoms are starting to pop everywhere. The perfect occasion to enjoy an outdoor activity,and also find different fun ways to make our youngest enjoy these walks! Because she loves outdoors but she still struggling with follow a specific path or walking longer distances.

With these nature color wheels the walk was a success: no moaning, just fun! And obviously enjoyed a lot learning through nature without even notice it. With that color hunt, we took our wheels and look for nature elements with similar colors to add to your wheel.

That activity is perfect for color sorting,fine motor skins, solving problems and much more.

Diy nature color wheel

How I made these nature color wheels:

I just recycled 2 cardboards and cut them creating 2 cardboard discs (a dish as pattern). Then I draw 4lines and made six smaller parts that we colored (kids can participate during the entire process). Scroll down if you just want to download the template that I made for you ☺️

Then we used clothespins and that’s it,went outside to start our color hunting.

I added colors that we can easily find on our walks,no need to add light pinks because I know we won’t find any nature elements of that color,but we do have violets, different leaves so lots of different browns and greens.

Cardboard color wheel

Loving the fact that we can still use them and it’s definitely a lifesaver for toddlers that struggle with walks. It was also really fast to make , so you won’t make your kids wait too long for a fun walk. 😏

Diy color hunting

Did you like it? I leave here a video:

And here is the free template:

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