Anke kemp sustainable clothing brand

Anke kemp sustainable clothing brand: you might already know that I am a proud member of the That means that I often collaborate with sustainable and ethical brands to spread awareness and share slow fashion brands, eco-friendly cosmetics, sustainable self-care products. We want to help the world find the right items to protect our planet, sharing ethical brands that care about your own health and our mother Earth’s one.

As I am located in France, I share mostly European brands, like a sustainable brand located in Amsterdam who’s creating amazing sweaters and tshirts with organical cotton and recycled materials.

For that collaboration, I received 2 gifted products: the “be the change” black sweater and the basic white t-shirt.

Anke Kemp sustainable clothing brand

Anke kemp sustainable clothing brand has a great collection of sweaters and t-shirts, available in different colors.

I chose the black hoodie with the brand name beautifully embroidered on the chest and the message ” be the change” on the back. Hoodies are made with 80% organic cotton and 20 % recycled polyester: each sweatshirt recycles five 1.5l plastic water bottles!

Sustainable hoodie

The white t-shirt is also super soft and comfortable, the perfect timeless basic with lovely details too ( love the tags mentioning that “you are the perfect size” ). Made with 100% organic cotton, they make part of the better cotton initiative. Better cotton is helping cotton communities to survive and thrive, while protecting and restoring the environment. Read more about it here .

Sustainable t-shirt

Become a part of the Anke Kemp story;

discover sustainable streetwear with a statement and support our mission to make slow-fashion new fashion. We’re passionate about our essential collection of stylish pieces designed to inspire a new generation of forward thinkers on their journey to sustainability.

Anke kemp
Sustainable clothes

Why you will love that brand?

Because Anke Kemp cares not only about fabric composition of their clothes, but also about an eco-friendly packaging: they use biodegradable mailer bags, recycled tissue (the wrap of the item when packed) and the stickers to seal the wrap are also from recycled materials. 

Obviously as an ethical brand they also pay a premium for their hoodies to make sure everyone in the supply chain gets fairly paid. If they offer discounts, it affects only their growth margin, not the payment of garment workers. 

Sustainable brand

Why you should choose small businesses?

Small businesses are limited to order quantities when starting out, the reach isn’t the same as big corporations who are able to order thousands of items resulting in lower prices. Everything in the fashion industry is based on quantity, if you can order a higher quantity, you get a lower price point per item. 

If you continue to support small businesses, they then can eventually grow/ order higher quantities and offer better prices. But to get to that point, they need support. 

Thats one of the reasons why small sustainable businesses seem to be pricier compared to for example fast fashion brands. Fast fashion brands are starting to create sustainable lines ( you might have heard about green washing ) and they are able to keep the price down cause of higher quantities and their non sustainable line absorbing some of the costs.

Vintage typewriter

It’s our responsibility to be more conscious about our wardrobe choices, choosing the right brands and items that will last long because of their quality and timeless style.

That’s why I loved Anke kemp’s collection. And I am sure you will love it too! You can use the code Sara20 for a 20% discount on your purchase. BE THE CHANGE!

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