Father’s day gift ideas

Father’s day gift ideas! Father’s day is almost here and we crafted something fun for the occasion! A new DIY that I never tried before, hope you like it! We also cooked something fun so keep reading because you are going to love!

Moustache cake!

First of all the special cake for daddy! The idea of a cake came because my husband’s birthday is just a few days before father’s day here in France. He likes vintage moustaches so that’s why! First of all we baked some cookies and used our letter cutters to create the word “dad”. It’s a great activity for toddlers who are learning letters too! Then I used my vegan yogurt recipe and a round mold for the cake. To create a moustache,you just need to cut in the middle like the yin yang symbol ☯️.

I melted back chocolate and used it as icing,with a fork I simulated the hair a bit.

DIY moustache cake

Ingredients of the cake:

  • 1 coconut yogurt
  • 3 cups of flour
  • 1 Cup of olive oil
  • 1 tbsp baking soda
  • 2 ripped bananas

That’s the order of how I mix the ingredients so I can use the coconut yogurt glass to measure. when the batter is homogeneous I pour it on the mold and oven 180° c 20min. Here’s the video “tutorial”:

It was really good! You need a large plate for that cake because the moustache will be pretty long unless if you use a small round mold (less than 30cm).

DIY scratch cards

That’s something that I never tried before, and it can be a nice handmade gift for different occasions! I made a template on Canva and printed (scroll down if you want to download it for free). Then we added cute notes or gifts inside the smallest square. I avoid plastic tape (better a greener alternative like washi tape) but for that one you’ll need it, to cover the notes and paint it with the “scratchable” paint.

DIY scratch cards

To create that layer you’ll need 2 tbsp of dish soap and 1 tbsp of acrylic paint (gold). Mix and cover the tape (you’ll need a few layers)

Your cards are ready! We’ll add them to the handmade card that the girls made for daddy and they will scratch together to find the “vouchers”.

Clock here to download the templates:

These are the two ideas that I wanted to share this year but you can find more on the DIY section of the menu. Hope you like them and enjoy your weekend! Xoxo

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