Halloween crafts!

Halloween crafts: 2022 edition! We have been crafting a lot about autumn and Halloween and today I’ll share here all the ideas! I shared them mostly with videos on TikTok and Instagram and with the blog post they’ll be regrouped and it’ll be easier to find them!

First of all I want to share with you a great brand that I just discovered and that kindly gifted me two great items for Halloween holidays: a banner and cute cake toppers! @picopartyyy is a sustainable brand creating the cutest accessories for parties and holidays. They are reusable, recyclable and have no chemicals on it! Safe for your little ones and for the planet! You can use the code Sara20 for a 20% discount (UK). Check the video below,we have already started using ours:

Aren’t these cute? Check their website because you even can purchase personalized banners with your family name!www.picouk.net

Let’s get started with Halloween crafts: we have been using nature treasures like sticks and leaves to create Halloween/fall decorations. Hope you’ll like the list !

1. Mandala leaves: I used our chalk markers and tried different patterns to create unique mandalas,but also last year’s creations like ghosts or cute foxes.

2. Window decorations: again with chalk markers! Holidays are great occasions to decorate our windows with different templates and designs.

3. DIY spider web: just some sticks and spare yarn, great activity for fine motor skills!

4. Ghost cakes : these are the easiest spooky cakes! I used the sweet potato chocolat brownie recipe. Check the how to in this video:

5. DIY witch brew: a great STEM activity for kids, they love it! You just need to add 1/2 glass of white vinegar with the color food dying of your choice (I just used matcha) to 1 tbsp of baking soda . Always under supervision!

6. DIY Halloween mugs: you can use chalk markers or permanent ones,and customize your own mugs for seasonal occasions!

7. Last one (for now) a DIY witch puppet! A gift for you today: I made that with for the girls and they love it, so I decided to share the template here. Hope you like it!

We still creating crafts and recipes for Halloween so I’ll maybe share a “part 2” of that blog post soon!

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