Upcycled Halloween decor

Upcycled Halloween decor: today I’ll share here some ideas that we have been doing at home upcycling and recycling items like cardboards and glass bottles. We don’t need to buy new stuff to enjoy the holidays, using what we already have or upcycling things we don’t use anymore is the best solution (and it’s better for your budget too).

I already shared easy costumes ideas upcycling or creating your own Halloween costumes. You can find it here

And this year I’ve having lots of fun repurposing different items,find the ideas on the list below:

1. The candle holders: upcycling glass bottles usually from olive oil. I used chalk markers and drew different skull patterns inspired by el día de los muertos.

2. The witch broom: remember the broom that we made from sticks? That’s 2022 edition using mosquito nets (that I thrifted!)

3. The cookies stamp: I loved to make that one! I used a cardboard roll and some Halloween pasta, glued them to the roll with hot glue and painted black (that’s optional) you can use it for cookies or playdough creations.

4. The haunted house: from wc paper rolls,painted black and decorated with white chalk markers and cushions foam.

5. The customized phone case: that’s how I made my regular phone and using Canva I made a spookiest version.

I can’t believe that I didn’t use to love Halloween, now it’s a holiday that I enjoy a lot and inspires me to create lots of crafts and fun food!

Do you enjoy that too? Hope you liked these upcycled Halloween decor ideas! Here is half term and the girls are at home so We have been cooking a lot too, I’ll share the recipes soon! Stay tuned!

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