Upcycled christmas decorations and a new free printable

Upcycled Christmas decorations and a new free printable : 2022 edition! In this post you’ll find upcycling ideas to craft beautiful and unique handmade ornaments just using materials that you CAN recycle, ( like toilet paper rolls or pinclothes ) and a DIY Advent calendar idea with 24 activities to do this month so you can add them to your calendar: my new free printable for you!

I’ve been having so much fun creating new handmade ornaments this year, trying to look for unique ones and making my really own ideas too.

I have also created some basics, the ones that usually you make at kindergarten with your teacher or simple ones that are always worth creating.

If you don’t remember my ideas from last year, you can find them here .

But this year, I am going to show you how to create easy AND beautiful, handmade ornaments. They even can make great gifts for family and friends.

Upcycled Christmas decorations:

✨ Christmas stars: with two toilet paper rolls you can make these beautiful stars. Paint them white or leave them just like that and will be as beautiful! You can also add glitter ( don’t forget to use plastic-free glitter ).

Upcycled christmas decorations and free printable
Upcycled christmas decorations and free printable
Upcycled christmas decorations

✨ Stars with pinclothes: I’d never imagined that pinclothes would make gorgeous ornaments! You can even use the metallic pieces to make more stars!

Pinclothes ornaments
Egg shells decorations

✨ Wrapping paper: create garlands or stars, angels etc just folding the paper like in the video below!

✨ Use shells like peanut or eggs! I used peanut shells to make Rudolph gift tags and egg shells to make cute Santa’s hats!

Peanut shells crafts
Eggshells crafts

✨ Snowman from cheese boxes: paint them white and draw your own snowman, cut a hat with paper scraps and that’s all!

✨ DIY Avent calendars : each year I share an Advent calendar wreath where I add envelopes with photos for our yearly family album. This year I wanted to change the format and I made that small cardboard Christmas tree with gifts. Everything is upcycled and recycled. For the tree I used cardboard packaging and for the gifts tea boxes! And inside the boxes you can add photos or if you prefer, download my free printable so you can put a note inside each box.

Diy Christmas tree Advent calendar

Holidays can be simpler ( and greener) crafting your own ornaments and Christmas decorations. It’s is much funnier and might make a great family moment, especially with kids. I hope you’ll consider these options for upcycled Christmas decorations !

I have a few more that I’ll share really soon so stay tuned!

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