DIY fake snow

DIY fake snow: the must have recipe for these Christmas decorations and activities with kids.

In this post I’ll share an easy recipe to create fake snow, whether you want it to use it for sensory play with kids, or to add a winter touch to your handmade decorations.

I myself added that fake snow to our nativity scene and the girls always have a great time creating it.

There is only two ingredients needed and you’ll avoid plastics and harmful ingredients plus it’s fun to create it!

DIY fake snow ingredients

For that easy recipe you just need baking soda and water!

Start with one cup of baking soda and then just add slowly 2 tablespoons of water,mow and add more water if needed.

That’s all! You can then use it for a winter sensory play or add it to ornaments or decorations.

Here’s a video of our nativity set and how we added the fake snow:

Last year we used an edible recipe with coconut oil and flour and it worked great too!

For that one I used one cupe of flour and then added a few tablespoons of coconut oil, til a got the perfect snowy texture. It’s a great recipe of you want to plan a sensory bin with toddlers, because it’s an edible and safe one.

Just be sure that there is no allergies danger!

Hope you enjoyed these recipes and that you are ready for Christmas! Just two more sleeps!

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