Chocolat cake log

Chocolat cake log: the traditional french dessert for Christmas! Today I’ll share you an easy recipe to bake that delicious and fun cake

First of all merry Christmas to everyone! Hope you are having great holidays!

Today we opened the presents, enjoy some family time and eat a simple and yummy meal. We don’t cook lots of food or complicated recipes but we do enjoy the Christmas log cake!

The most difficult part of the log cake is to roll the “génoise”, so be sure that you do this when the génoise still warm .


For the génoise you’ll need 4 eggs, 120 gr of sugar, 120 gr of flour, a pinch of salt.

How to:

  • Preheat the oven 180°
  • Separate the yolks and the whites
  • Beat the yolks with the sugar and let rest
  • Beat the whites and add 15 gr of sugar
  • Add a part of the white mix into the yolks mix, slowly beat.
  • Add the last part of yolks with a spatule, mixing from bottom to top.
  • Sprinkle the flour and “cut” the dough with the spatule to mix.
  • Bake ten minutes.
  • Add the filling and slowly roll with a dishcloth.
  • Melt black chocolate and cover the “log” using a fork to imitate the bark.
  • You can decorate with coconut flakes to simulate snow❄️


It’s not an easy one, and you can’t replace the eggs or sugar to create that log,that’s why we only cook that cake for Christmas!

Have you already tried this recipe? I love the log shape! And it’s really yummy, perfect for sweet Christmas season.

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