French galette des rois

French galette des rois : the three wise man puff pastry recipe that we eat for the Epiphany ! Find the recipe of this easy recipe and a fun way to shape it!

For that recipe you need two pieces of puff pastry and filling it with an almond cream:

1Puff pastry ( so you need to make two of them):

2 cup flour,1 tbsp salt,250gr plant based butter frozen, 2/3 cup cold water. Grate the butter and add it to flour (I put the flour in the fridge 15min) slowly mixing. Pour the cold water into the dough. Mix. Wrap with a cloth and leave it in the fridge for 30min. Roll the dough,fold a rectangle three times and let it chill in the fridge again for 1hour.


1. Custard cream :

30 gr flour, 50 gr sugar, 1/2 L of milk and 2 eggs.

Mix the eggs, sugar and flour while the milk is boiling. Then add the mixture to the milk and keep stirring with low heat. Let rest 2 hours.

2. Almond cream

100 GR grounded almond, 75 gr butter, 1 egg.

Mix everything and then add it to the custard cream. Ready to fill the puff pastry!

For that one I shape it like a crow but you can just leave it round. Preheat the oven 180°c and bake the cake 25 min.

That’s the traditional shape:

And that’s how I bake it this year!

Galette des rois à la frangipane

Hope you like that shape for the french galette des rois and don’t forget to add a small surprise inside! The traditional “fève” is a small ceramic character that you put inside the filling, the person that will have it becomes the king/queen of the day!

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