Ice sensory play

Ice sensory play: a cute winter activity indoors to learn more about seasons, cycle of water and penguins.

In this blog you’ll find an easy winter activity idea for your kids, you just need some small collectibles and molds (or the icecubes tray).

On January 20th we celebrate penguin appreciation day, and sorting our vintage collectibles I thought that I should use these penguins for a winter activity.

“Penguins (celebrated on this day in addition to World Penguin Day on April 25th) are beautiful flightless birds whose habitat is constantly at risk.
Penguins live in cold places with lots of ice and snow, so global warming has greatly affected their numbers. January 20th is a day to raise awareness of the dangers facing all species of penguins around the world.”

I looked for a mold and put some water on it, then put the penguins. The day after our skiing penguins were ready to use!

I took a vintage tray and the small icecubes on.

The girls love to play with ice and water so that was definitely a win!

We looked for penguins facts and also added salt and hot water to learn how ice melt.

Here’s a video so you can see how we did it:

It was a really fun study that we’ll repeat for sure soon! A great activity specially now that the weather is really cold and we even had snow here (that never happens!).

What do you think about that ice sensory play idea, would you try?

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