Pampas grass decor idea

Pampas grass decor idea: in this post I am going to show you another easy DIY, for home decor this time! Using wild branches of pampas grass to create a lovely bouquet.

Pampas grass decor idea

Pampas grass blooms from September to February and here (South of France) we can easily find them during our winter walks.

As it’s really windy here, you can find broken branches that you can easily cut without even a knife. I only took some broken branches and then checked no insects were there.

Once at home, I sprayed the branches with fixing hair spray.

I arranged the bouquet and added thin fairy lights to it. Hiding the batteries in the vase so we can’t spot them.

I made that bouquet right after putting down the Christmas tree, so we still having a twinkling corner in the living room.

Why is it called pampas grass ?

Pampas grass is named for the Pampas plains, where it is endemic. It is cultivated as an ornamental in warm parts of the world and is considered an invasive species in some areas outside its native range, including New Zealand, South Africa, and the southwestern United States.

How we call pampas blooms?

Plumes. The silver white plumes, sometimes tinted moisturizer pink, are the flowers or inflorescences of this grass plant. The fluffy dense panicles reach 1 to 4 feet long, increasing the overall height of the pampas grass clump. The plumes produce a fountain-like shape and appear from fall through late winter.

Diy pampas bouquet

Do you like that pampas grass decor idea? Have you ever spotted pampas grasses during your walks? They are originally from Argentina and Uruguay Here we have lots around so I am thinking about make more DIY with them because it matches perfectly the earthy tones and rustic decor. I’d love to create a wreath for example!

Diy pampas grass bouquet

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