Mini forest cake idea

Mini forest cake idea: the easiest winter treat! In this blog post I am going to show you a cute idea to style a simple yogurt cake or brownie.

I need to be honest when I made the yogurt cake for that blog post I had another idea in mind 😅 (I might show you the failed result anyway). But then when I saw that it wasn’t working I went for another idea just shaping the cake differently.

So here’s the mini forest cake idea with tiny trees and coconut flakes.

For the trees I used the vegan yogurt recipe that you can find here. It’s my easy to go recipe when I don’t have time and want to make a healthy treat.

Then I cut it into small triangles. Be sure that the vase it’s even so they can stand still.

I added coconut flakes as snow and put also into the plate so that helped to the trees and they didn’t fall.

Just for fun I added a small polar bear and the girls loved it so much!

As the weather this January was snowy here (and that not happens often) they were really excited to discover that healthy treat for breakfast â˜ș. I think it’s a great idea for a winter birthday cake too, even using a layered cake and the trees on the top!

That’s the behind the scenes of how I took the photos of themâ˜ș. Hope you like it that mini forest cake idea!

Mini forest cake idea

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Mini forest cake idea

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