Upcycled sealing wax stamps

Upcycled sealing wax stamps: the ultimate craft for valentine’s day! February just started and if you are a subscriber you already received a newsletter with that craft in “avant-première”. So in this post you’ll find how to make your own sealing wax stamp.

Upcycled sealing wax stamps

Welcome February!

And happy New Year as this is the first newsletter of the year! I really hope that 2023 started well for you!In today’s newsletter I want to send to you a nice DIY perfect for Valentine’s day, I haven’t shared it yet on the different platforms so you are going to be the first to discover it, I really hope that you will like it and maybe you will try to make your own to send beautiful letters to your loved ones!

Upcycled sealing wax stamps:

For these stamps, you just need wine corks and metallic buttons.

What I love the most of that project is that you can use sentimental or heirloom items that you have kept for a special occasion, or those handed down from loved ones.

That DIY is really easy, just glue the button to the wine cork (I used hot glue).

The wine cork might came from a special occasion too, like a wedding, birthdays etc

Once your stamp is ready, you just need the sealing wax.

Melt 1 tbsp of beeswax and add some color from an old crayola, add also a tbsp of glue from hot glue tubes ( and yes! Crayola are made from wax! Longtime ago I shared an easy lip balm recipe using them as well. Find it here.)

Once it’s melted, carefully put a tsp on the envelope and use your upcycled stamp like on the video below 👇:

And voilà ! Your love letter is ready to be sent!

Perfect for Valentine’s day, either you are single or not! You can of course send love letters to family members or friends !

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Upcycled sealing wax stamps

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