Unique crêpes ideas

Unique crêpes ideas: the second of February we celebrate la chandeleur in France (Candlemas) and it’s a new tradition at home to find new shapes and recipes to celebrate the holiday of the crêpe. So today I am going to show you three different, unique and delicious ideas for your party crepe!

A few years ago already I shared on the blog my first crepe recipe, trying a vegan one. You can find it here

And three years ago I shared on my Instagram the laced crêpes, shaping the crêpes into different styles like hearts, flowers or even letters! You can find it here

Today I am going to show you three different ones, two sweet and one savory, let’s see which one is your favorite!

Unique crêpes ideas

Crêpes zèbre

The one that I tried last year. You just need to divide the dough in two parts, and add some raw chocolate in one of them. With the chocolate one, you’ll create spirals or other shapes in the pan and then quickly add the regular dough.

Unique crêpes ideas

Gradient crêpes

This year I tried to add new ingredients to change the color of the crêpes, so I used chocolate for dark ones, matcha tea for greener and paprika for pinker ones.

That creates a gradient color that it’s pretty nice and catchy. I styled the way below and my girls loved it! You can obviously use coloring food and make rainbow crepes too.

Unique crêpes ideas

Savory crepes with leeks and goat cheese

I used regular and paprika crepes to make savory ones.

Leave the crepe in the pan and add previously cooked (roasted) leeks. Add some goat cheese and fold the crêpe. Ready to eat!

Even people that usually don’t like leeks adore that one! So tasty, you won’t resist!

Savory crepes

I really hope that you enjoyed these unique crêpes ideas and that you’ll try them! Feel free to leave a comment below! And happy Candlemas ! Bonne chandeleur !

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