DIY valentine’s candles

DIY valentine’s candles: in this blog post you are going to find a cute idea for Valentine’s day, wether you want to surprise a loved one or create your own valentine’s decor, keep reading to know how to make an unique an easy valentine candle.

That craft will be perfect as a handmade gift, as a photo prop or for seasonal decorating your home.

You might remember the New Year’s eve idea that I shared last remember using wax pens (you can find it here). Today you’ll find the Valentine’s day version.

You just need wax pens and a plain candle.

For that one I used a white candle and a red wax pen, drawing hearts on the candle and the text “xoxo” . The cool thing is that you can personalize the candle the way you or the person that will receive it love the most. Cute hearts or customized text, whatever you want to draw!💕

If you want to know more about that white candle, it’s the one that I used last year for another easy idea: the “one line” candle holder.

Super simple too, I just used clay marker and recycled a glass container, drew “one line” sketches on it and put the candle inside.

A great way to recycle and upcycle candles and candleholders !

You can see how on the video below 👇

Hope that you like these DIY valentine’s candles and that you might give them ago! Commentif you have any Questions!

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