Fun coloring cardboard craft idea

Fun coloring cardboard craft idea: in this blog post you’ll find a fun idea recycling cardboards and turning them into jumpers and bonnets, with cute coloring patterns for your kids to practice their handwriting skills and have a great time at home with this activity!

Cold winter days are made for fun indoor activities with kids and the one that I am sharing today was a hit at home, I hope you’ll like as well!

Coloring cardboard jumpers

You just need a big enough cardboard(cereal boxes will work for gloves and bonnets), scissors and markers.

Use a jumper of your kid to copy the “pattern” and the right size for the jumper. Cut and then draw the different patterns with a black marker. Your kid can do that part too if that’s easy enough ☺️

Then let them choose the colors and start coloring!

Watch the video below to see how we did it 👇

My youngest (3yo) loves coloring pages and loved this activity and the oldest (6yo) is not that much into coloring, she prefers drawing better, but that cardboard craft encouraged her to entirely coloring the jumper and bonnet, choosing different color series and patterns.

So I’d say it’s a great activity to practice handwriting skills for preschoolers.

You can find more recycled cardboard crafts in that Instagram guide that I created to group all of them here

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Cardboard jumper coloring craft
Coloring cardboard bonnet craft

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