How to make simple rolled paper roses

How to make simple rolled paper roses: in today’s blog post I am going to show you how to make easy yet gorgeous paper roses with just a sheet of paper than you can reuse to create beautiful flowers that will last forever.

Valentine’s day is coming and I wanted to create a flower bouquet made from paper, because we have different paper sheets that I wanted to recycle.

And I discovered that paper roses are extremely easy and so beautiful, it is definitely the perfect craft for valentine’s day.

It’s also a great idea if you want to craft with your kids, because it involves scissors skills and other fine motor skills. My girls are 3 and 6 and both were comfortable with the activity (always under supervision) and they loved to create these beautiful flowers.

How to make paper roses

So for these roses you just need paper sheets, we used vintage music sheets but you can use old books, catalogs, old paper etc

Draw an spiral and cut following the line.

How to make simple rolled paper roses
Diy paper roses
DIY paper roses

Then you just need to start rolling from the edge to the center.

You will glue the rose into the center of the spiral.

And your rose will be ready! How easy is this? And the result is amazing, I can’t believe I’ve never tried before!

For a more realistic result you can use waved scissors (or cutting a waved spiral).

Paper roses

That’s the final result! You can use them to decorate table centerpieces, or make a wreath with them I am even thinking about hair arrangements with these paper roses! They would be perfect as photo props as well.

For now mine are just decorating my bookshelves because we have been sick all week and we had no energy for something else, but I hope that next week we’ll start crafting again! What are your plans for Valentine’s day, are your celebrating? Tell me in the comments section. ☺️

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