Chocolat dipped strawberry hearts

Chocolat dipped strawberry hearts: forget flowers and chocolate boxes, the best treat for Valentine’s day is that seasonal (for southern Europe) treat with fresh strawberries and dipped chocolate. It’s so good you don’t want to miss it, and guess what, you can make a beautiful bouquet with it!

I said seasonal because here in southern France and Spain (I live near the border) we can find the first strawberries in February.

But you can also use frozen strawberries. I always put a few in the freezer during the season so we can enjoy these treats all year long.

Chocolat dipped strawberry hearts

How to make your hearted strawberries

Firstly, you need to wash your strawberry and remove the leaves.

Secondly, start to melt 100 gr of dark chocolate in a double boiling water.

Then you’ll cut the greener part creating a “v” on the top.

Now you can pick your strawberries with wooden sticks.

Finally you’ll dip the top of the strawberries into the melted chocolate.

That’s it! Your sweet and edible bouquet is ready. Don’t forget to let the chocolate cool for an hour or 30 min in the fridge (that will probably be the hardest part! 😉).

Check the video below for a small tutorial:

Hope that you liked these chocolate dipped strawberry hearts! For that recipe I didn’t get the girls involved because I wanted to surprise them and I know it would have been hard to wait for the chocolat to cool😆

But it’s definitely an easy recipe to make with children too.

Tell me if you try them in the comments!

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Hearted strawberries recipe

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