Romanesco savory pie recipe

Romanesco savory pie recipe: today I want to share with you that delicious and pretty savory pie. It’s easy, it’s beautiful (looks like a winter mini forest tree) and it’s vegan! Keep reading to discover!

The winter is not over here and the forecast announced snow next week, so that pie it’s the perfect meal idea right now! And obviously romanesco is in season right now in France so you can enjoy a seasonal vegetable (which is pretty delicious I must say!).

Romanesco savory pie


° You can buy a puff pastry all ready or make your own from scratch, for the puff pastry recipe tap on the button below 👇:

° 1 romanesco

° 100 GR of tofu

° 50 goat cheese

° Parmesan

How to

  • Put the romanesco flowers into boiled water for 5 min.
  • Keep a few romanesco flowers for styling the pie and mix the rest with the tofu and the goat cheese.
  • Put your puff pastry into a mould and pour the batter on it.
  • Style your pie with the romanesco flowers as small trees and add the parmesan.
  • Bake it for 30 min/180°C.

Your pie is ready! Looks like a small cute little forest covered by snow! The girls loved it and it was so yummy and tasty! Definitely a recipe that we are adding to our winter list meals!

Have you ever tried romanesco? I shared this recipe on Instagram and a few followers told me that they didn’t know that flower bud. We usually add it in salads and it was the first time cooking it! Tell me if you try that romanesco savory pie recipe!

I’ll also share with you that behind the scenes that I shared on TikTok 🙈 Hoping that it brings you a smile!

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