DIY cardboard cubist masks

DIY cardboard cubist masks: our last handmade costume on a budget! In this post you’ll find the easiest way to create family themed costumes without spending lots of money and avoiding plastic and new useless purchases.

And guess what: it’s a great introduction to set styles for your kids. That’s why I thought that these masks could be a great idea for carnival and Mardi gras.

With that activity, they will learn about art and practice fine motor skills, colors, composition, shapes etc

Supplies for DIY cardboard cubist masks

First of all, of course, cardboard: cereal boxes for example, I always recycle them for our crafts and activities.

Scissors and markers: I used a black permanent marker to copy Picasso’s portraits so the girls could color with regular markers but you can also use chalk markers or even paint.

Another idea is to cut shapes and create your own unique cubist masks, letting your child choose the disposition of the different parts of the face, a fun game for them!

Our cubist masks, the result

I just copied a few portrait for me and the girls and Picasso’s self-portrait for my husband

That way we had the easiest family themed costume idea.

I added black elastic bands to the cardboard and we put on colored clothes.

DIY cardboard cubist masks
Picasso handmade costume
Cubist masks inspired by Picasso
Picasso's self-portrait cardboard mask
Cardboard masks
Handmade cubist masks

How do you like the result? As I said on my Instagram, I don’t know if they are creepy or fun but we enjoyed making them for sure!

Hope that you like the DIY cardboard cubist masks and that maybe you’ll give them a try! Share your creations on Instagram and tag me so I can share them on my stories ☺️

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