Saint Patrick’s day easy crafts

Saint Patrick’s day easy crafts: today I want to share with you two easy crafts for Saint Patrick’s day, the first one: a cardboard shamrock. And the second one: a lovely handmade card.

Your kids will love these activities using their own drawing paper sheets and having fun while practicing their fine motor skills.

That’s a craft that we made last year when both girls were homeschooled (if you follow us for a while, you might know that French laws have changed and they’re avoiding homeschooling now…).

DIY Cardboard shamrock

I shared that cardboard shamrock on Instagram but never managed to write the blog post since now!

So for that one, you’re going to recycle cardboard and paper sheets (I used my girls’ own drawings, that they always refuse to throw away, so we sort them out and choose a few for the craft).

You just need to draw a 4 leaf shamrock on the cardboard (basically 4 hearts), cut it and let your kids paint the paper sheets with different tones of green.

Saint Patrick's day easy craft

Once is dry, the kids can cut or tear up (depending on their age) the paper in small pieces and glue them to the cardboard.

Saint Patrick's day kids activities
Saint Patrick's day craft
Diy shamrock

They can create patterns or simply glue the paper pieces randomly. We used watercolors for an ombre effect and ticky glue.

And that’s the final result! They obviously asked for a face painting too so I drew a rainbow on the cheek. And we used our DIY leprechaun hats that we made two years ago from toilet paper rolls!

Saint Patrick's day easy crafts
Cardboard shamrock
Saint Patrick's day crafts

Handmade shamrock card

That’s a really cute and simple card that your kids can make by themselves, my girls are obsessed about hearts so they obviously loved that one! They were actually amazed when I told them that one can create a shamrock just drawing 4 hearts đŸ„°

You just need to use one of the painted paper sheets and cut 4 hearts, then glue them on a cardboard,card etc write your wishes and done! So easy!

Paper heart
Shamrock card

What do you think about these saint Patrick’s day easy crafts ? Would you try them? Tell me in comments and don’t forget to subscribe!

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