How to make scratch off tickets!

How to make scratch off tickets: father’s day new craft idea! Today I am going to show you how to make cute scratch off tickets that your kids can gift for father’s day, mother’s day, teachers appreciation etc and there is also a free template for you!

For that craft you just need the paint of your choice (golden acrylique for a more realistic result), 1 tsp of dish soap, plastic tape and to download the free template (or create your own), write gift notes inside (voucher for a kiss, hug, some tickles, I love you hidden message etc)

You already know that I never use plastic tape and always use washi tape instead (in order to avoid plastic). For that craft though, you need to use plastic tape otherwise it won’t work, the plastic will be the protective layer of your hidden message. But still considering to switch to washi for your crafts and you’ll be avoiding a lot of un-recyclable plastic!

How to make scratch off tickets

How to make scratch off tickets

  • Mix th acrylic paint with the dish soap.
  • Write your hidden messages.
  • Put tape on your hidden messages.
  • Paint the tape with the mixture of paint and dish soap.
  • Let dry and cut your tickets, it’s ready!

Your tickets are ready to gift! It’s such a fun craft and usually nobody expect that these are that easy to make by yourself, so it’s definitely a nice surprise!

You can download my template by clicking below 👇

Hope that you liked how to make scratch off tickets and that you might give it a try!

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