DIY bunny headband

DIY bunny headband: today I am going to show you how to make the cutests bunny ears, just upcycling a regular headband and using some wire and wood pearls.

This is seriously a great activity that you can share with your toddler, practicing fine motor skills and creating a bunny headband perfect for Easter!

All you need is some wire or pipe cleaners, an old headband, rustic rope and wooden pearls.

First of all you need to enroll the headband with the rustic rope.

Then you will add the wooden pearls. When you have added all the pearls, you need to join the ears to the headband. You can add some hot glue but that’s optional.

To customize your headband, you can decorate it: we used paper flowers (you can definitely use real flowers, and it’ll look fantastic)

Here you have the video that I shared last year when I first created the headband (back in 2022)

It’s a lovely activity to get your kids involved in and the headband looks so pretty in my opinion.

I made an Instagram guide where you can find some of my favorite Easter crafts and activities, you can check it here .

Hope that you liked that adorable DiY bunny headband and that you might try to make your own! Tag me if you do and you’ll made my day!

And be sure to stay tuned because more cute crafts for Easter are coming soon!

Sending hugs to you!Sara xoxo

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