Earth day handmade cards

Earth day handmade cards: Earth day is coming soon so today I want to show you a great craft that will allow you to start conversations about the planet and the environment with your kids, recycling old bits of colors.

We celebrate Earth day the 25th of March, as you can read on earth

“the time is now to create a generation of citizens, workers, students, and leaders ready for climate change. We need public understanding of how to stop climate change and environmental harm.”


So we can start to educate ourselves and our children with simple activities that will use recycled materials, read books about climate change, environment and simply starting conversations with the kids.

I decided to create handmade cards with my girls using bits of crayola and some mini pie molds.

That kind of mold works perfectly:

Muffins mold

You just need to choose green and blue colors and put them into the molds. Out in the oven 180°c 10-15 min (watch them so they don’t brown or burn).

When the crayola is completely melted, mix a bit your colors with a wooden stick so you can recreate small little Earths.

Check the video below for a small tutorial:

When the colors have cooled down, glue them into your cardboard cards. And write the message of your choice, we used “there is no planet B” and “good planets are hard to find”.

Earth day handmade cards

These are easy to make and the result is really lovely. We are thinking about bringing them to our school teachers☺️.

We loved our earth day handmade cards, and hope that you will too!

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