Diy flower frogs with air dry clay

DIY flower frogs with air dry clay: today I am going to show you the easiest way to create your own handmade flower frogs with air dry clay, a nice spring craft to do with your kids!

You know that what I love the most when it comes to DIY is simplicity: I m will rarely try difficult, complicated crafts or recipes. It needs to be easy, simple and also some kind of unique; I try to find different ideas than the ones already shared thousand times.

That spring craft is not an exception and you will only need air dry clay. And eventually you can recycle a glass jar bit that’s optional, as you can use a regular glass for that.

DIY flower frogs with air dry clay


You’ll need air dry clay and a glass container (recycled is always better)

If you don’t know where to find air dry clay you can use that one:

Air dry clay

How to:

You simply need to wet a small piece of clay, use your glass as model to shape a round (about 5mm thick) and with a wooden stick, make some holes on it. Be sure to add more than 1cm spaces between holes so it doesn’t break.

Then you let dry and paint it or varnish if you want so.

Your flower frogs is ready to use!

DIY flower frogs with air dry are a cute craft specially when spring is coming and flowers are blooming everywhere. My kids love to pick wildflowers and gift them to us, so that’s a way to keep these lovely bouquets fresh a few more days.

Talking about that, we try to explain to our girls that we shouldn’t pick wildflowers or flowers that we don’t know, or plants when we hike. Some flowers are protected, others are toxic, all of them are so important for pollination, so we need to be careful. Luckily enough, we know some spots (and specially our garden) that let grow wildflowers to often cut them so these are the ones we use to pick.

Hope you liked these! See you soon!

Diy flower frogs

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