Easter crafts for kids: recycling cardboards

Easter crafts for kids: recycling cardboards. In this blog post you’ll find 5 easy ideas to craft Easter decorations by recycling cardboards. This way you’ll reduce waste making cute Easter decorations and maybe entraining your kids with these fun ideas.

You will need cardboard egg boxes, cardboard scraps (from packaging, boxes etc), toilet paper rolls etc

Are you ready? Let’s start!

1. Cardboard Easter wreath

Cut eggs from cardboard scraps and paint them, you can add patterns for tour kids to color them to practice fine motor skills. Glue them creating the wreath and add a ribbon: it’s done!

Cardboard Easter wreath

2. Cardboard Easter bunny

Last year the girls wanted to play with the Easter bunny so I made these two giant cardboard bunnies that we painted and decorated with flowers ☺️ A great prop for photos too!

Giant cardboard bunnies

3. Easter candles

One of my favorite upcycles: you just need old candles and egg boxes and it’ll make the cutest Easter table decoration!

4. Cardboard pop-up chick 🐣

That’s a quick one that I made this year, again using cardboard scraps and recycling an ice cream stick. Follow the video instructions below to make your own pop-up chick!

5. Cardboard Easter eggs

An old but fun one! Again cardboard, but adding pasta that time. Paint different kind of pasta and create Easter patterns on tour cardboard eggs.

Easter crafts for kids

These are just five easy Easter crafts for kids recycling cardboards and candles, but you can find more ideas on the blog: this year I’ve been using air dry clay (We made egg holders and garlands), and also easy recipes like a cute bunny shaped sweetbread.

A few more cute ideas that I made last year:

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