DIY Space themed birthday party

DIY space themed birthday party: today I’ll share our handmade space themed birthday party! With different recycled crafts, easy recipes and a free template to download.

Our little girl is not that little anymore and this month we have celebrated her 4th birthday. She asked for a star cake, and one thing to another we ended planing a small space birthday table, and it needed to be upcycled, easy and fun!

To create the table decor we recycled cardboards and bottles.

And for the foodies I planned the birthday cake, energy balls, muffins and also a donut cake that we brought to school for my girl’s teacher and classmates.

DIY space table decors

Cardboard rockets, jet packs, and handmade garland or toppers that I created on Canva and you can download for free on today’s blog post (scroll down).

You can find the blog post about these upcycled space crafts here .

Astronaut jet pack
Cardboard astronaut helmet
Cardboard space rocket

I added a letter board with the text “to the moon and back”:

Wooden letter board
Handmade space garland

We also crafted a cardboard solar system and added different marble balls to recreate the planets. That was a fun way to study the solar system and some fun facts about the space, a great introduction to the topic for kids!

Oh and a cardboard number 4! With foil food wrappings that I reused to create a “golden” number!

Homemade space food 🌌

For most of the food recipes, I used the carrot cake energy balls and the vegan yogurt cake recipes that you can find here .

  • Carrot cake energy balls as moon rocks and space pop-cakes

I made the carrot cake energy balls again, and used them to make pop-cakes. Then I covered a few with coconut flakes and put them in a bowl as moon rocks.

I also added a bowl with vegan chocolate rochers to make more space rocks.

  • Space invaders cupcakes

With our favorite plantbased yogurt recipe I made these fun cupcakes: I put coconut yogurt as icing and added some smarties, and a gummy inside an upcycled bottle cap.

Space cupcakes
Space cupcakes
  • Star shaped birthday cake

Same recipe: vegan yogurt! Took a round mold and made two pieces of it. With the first one I shaped an hexagon, and froze the leftovers. With the second one I cut the triangles and then shaped the star and covered with coconut yogurt. You know that it’s my favorite icing, sugar free and with an amazing texture. You can easily add food coloring too and it’s perfect if you want to avoid sugar.

Star shaped cake
Handmade cakes toppers

Saturn piñata

We wanted to make another piñata, so I kept the upcycled lamp idea from last year’s. It’s the easiest way to make a piñata and we can reuse them that way!

I just made the ring with cardboard and added a small fairy light garland. That’s the result:

Saturn piñata

Birthday favours

Even though we celebrate her birthday just the four of us, next day in school we brought the donut cakes and birthday favours for her classroom.

For the donuts I used the same vegan yogurt recipe and I added chocolate icing with stars and also hide a few extraterrestrial ones😆.

Donut cake

And for the birthday favours I glued the template to scrapbook cards and space patches for clothes these ones. A great alternative to sweet or candies!

You can download here the template for the garland and toppers:

And here the birthday card free template:

And that’s pretty all! Added a black background, some star chips, and Playmobil astronauts. It was so much fun and she loved her birthday party, so I call it a win!

I hope that you also loved the DIY space themed birthday party!

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