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This is my sustainable journal. You will find my best DIY ideas.

As an “ethical influencer” member, I only share sustainable tips. It all started when I made my first handmade cosmetics, because I like natural products without harmful ingredients. So you will find here lots of eco-friendly tips for a greener life. I specifically enjoy slow fashion,and I share here my thrifted and upcycled items. (Tap here to discover them!).

I will show you easy upcycling ideas, and create freebies and printables for your homeschooling activities (find them here ).

I am a seasonal seeker and enjoy easy plantbased recipes and sugar free desserts. Click on the link below to find them classed by seasons:

Healthy recipes

And I love photography, specially documenting our daughters childhood and places that we discover together. Here’s my portfolio:


Welcome to my space, handmade with love, additif free. Follow me on Instagram ( @scraps.and.coffee.grounds ) to discover all my recipes and crafts.

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