Pie Carrier tote

Welcome June! I can’t believe that half a year has passed already! Summer is slowly coming and today I want to share that pie carrier tote,it’s a great zerowaste tool in order to avoid disposable bags or aluminum foil,and perfect for picnics!  So easy to sew,just two pieces of fabric and two straps as handles:Continue reading “Pie Carrier tote”

Some seeds

Just a messy flatlay to show you our potatoes!the girls loved the harvesting and they were so yummy! Here you can see one of the zucchinis and broccolisđŸ„Š also our favorites ar the moment: artichokes and spinaches ! And a hack to recycle paper rolls to grow seeds, worked so well! We are now waitingContinue reading “Some seeds”


You have a beautiful bouquet and the flowers start to wither?don’t worry,you still can do lots of things with them! I usually don’t buy bouquets, I sometimes make them with flowers of our garden but what I do love (with both) is give them different purposes. I usually take photos with them,they obviously decor theContinue reading “Peace!”

My vintage Self-portraits

If you follow me on Instagram you already know that I started a new “self-challenge” where I want to share self-portraits inspired by movies,tv shows or cover magazines (specially from ’50s -’70s) I will share them on insta under #myvintageselfportraits and yesterday I shared one inspired by a ’65 vogue magazine. It’s not the firstContinue reading “My vintage Self-portraits”

Face the foliage and other collages

We have been busy collecting flowers lately,and I thought that we totally should use these petals for one of our homeschooling activities,so we tried our own version of “face the foliage” . I drew a face and we fill the top with petals,both girls loved it (4 and 2 yo) so I decided to shareContinue reading “Face the foliage and other collages”

Wisteria hysteria

Already missing these wisteria flowers.thw wisteria season is already over here ,they are full of green leaves and maybe some more flowers will grow during next weeks,even if it won’t be the same!i took some photos that I wanted to share here. In the meantime I’ll be looking for the next blooms! Hope you likeContinue reading “Wisteria hysteria”

Mother’s day

“Motherhood is amazing.and then is really hard. And then it’s incredible. And then it’s everything in between. So hold on into the good,breath through the bad,and welcome the wildest and most wonderful ride if your life” A lot of countries are celebrating motherhood during this month of May. In Spain we celebrated it the firstContinue reading “Mother’s day”