Witch Broom stick

Last year I started a fun challenge, sharing ideas for a sustainable Halloween. With things that you can find at home,clothes, repurposing or upcycling items you can have the best costumes! Nature is again our best friend and ça offer great tools,like this DIY witch broom ! So, go for a walk, enjoy the autumnContinue reading “Witch Broom stick”

Pumpkin waffles

Pumpkin season has started! I’ve been trying different recipes with pumpkins,pies, muffins, cookies…but my favorite is the waffle one! I freeze some pumpkin puree and when I want to make waffles I just take a part for the recipe,it’s really handy! (That’s why you can see onion squash and not pumpkins,I haven’t bought pumpkins alreadyContinue reading “Pumpkin waffles”

Sweet potato brownies

A long time ago I shared a red bean brownie,and I must say that I totally forgot that recipe🙈 although it was a good and yummy (and obviously sugar free) you can find it here . This year I had so many sweet potatoes that I needed extra recipes ideas so I thought about aContinue reading “Sweet potato brownies”

Autumn masks

Remember my carnival masks templates? I shared them last year and used felt and cardboards to make them . Last week I used the same templates to make autumn masks,this time with different kind of leaves . I used the owl template and added different layers of leaves,feathers and small branches. And made an AutumnContinue reading “Autumn masks”

September’s foodies

Already 18th September!say what? The month is almost over! And autumn is almost here too… There is a lot of things I love about sep,the cooler weather (but usually still nice) apples, figs,nice sunsets,my mom’s birthday🥰 And as there are a lot of yummy veggies in September today I wanted to share an easy snackContinue reading “September’s foodies”

Eggplant pie

It’s time for another seasonal recipe! And it involves eggplants and tomatoes,two of my favorite summer veggies/fruits. I am realizing that I share a lot of savory pies,they are great in order to eat different veggies in one dish and easy to make too,so handy! This one has a lot of cheese so it maybeContinue reading “Eggplant pie”