Homemade clay bar

🔸Homemade clay bar recipe below🔸Today we went outside for the first time in two weeks. Just taking out trash ,not even beyond the building and I felt like a criminal🤪I still can’t understand all the people who don’t respect the lock down prescriptions.Anyway, we’ll need some groceries soon, fresh veggies overall so we’ll see howContinue reading “Homemade clay bar”


I know I am biased but I love her hair  Not easy to brush though! I use a homemade detangling hair spray, really easy with just a few ingredients: 🔸1 drop lemon essential oil,🔸3 drops geranium essential oil,🔸8 drops tea tree essential oil,🔸7 ml lavender essential oil,🔸4 ml apple cider vinegar,🔸100 ml mineral water,🔸5Continue reading “Tangled”

Facial tea tree and calendula soap

Today was one of those days…you run all day, you get frustrated because you think that you had nothing done, everything is “half-finisfhed” and at the end of the day you are tired, frustrated and you feel guilty because you think that nothing was achieved. When I feel like that I try to make aContinue reading “Facial tea tree and calendula soap”