Christmas flavors

Are you ready for Christmas sparkles?there is already a lot of Christmas content here,and my instagram grid will start to bright too with lots fairy lights and sustainable gifts ideas,like these soap bars,on order to make Christmas more meaningful. Diy gifts have always been something that I cherish,and I want to slowly share easy handmadeContinue reading “Christmas flavors”

Sugar wax

🔸Homemade hair removal wax🔸Yes, that’s something you can also do at home with just 4 ingredients: sugar+water+honey+lemonNo harmful ingredients, it’s great for your skin (even for sensitive skins) and #zerowaste!Heat the 500gr of sugar and slowly add the water (1/2 glass-15cl) until the mix bubble (remove from heat when the color is golden brown-similar toContinue reading “Sugar wax”

Homemade clay bar

🔸Homemade clay bar recipe below🔸Today we went outside for the first time in two weeks. Just taking out trash ,not even beyond the building and I felt like a criminal🤪I still can’t understand all the people who don’t respect the lock down prescriptions.Anyway, we’ll need some groceries soon, fresh veggies overall so we’ll see howContinue reading “Homemade clay bar”

Coffee grounds

I’ll be honest I’ve just discovered the word “scrub”. We used to say “peeling” or simply “exfoliating” masks or creams. But I like it, sounds cooler that way 😉 But I stop the rambling,I just going to note here the ingredients, you know, on my recipe journal. 1 tsp salt 4 tsp sugar 1 tbspContinue reading “Coffee grounds”