Facial tea tree and calendula soap

Today was one of those days…you run all day, you get frustrated because you think that you had nothing done, everything is “half-finisfhed” and at the end of the day you are tired, frustrated and you feel guilty because you think that nothing was achieved. When I feel like that I try to make aContinue reading “Facial tea tree and calendula soap”

Skin care

I love the simple things. That’s maybe why I love natural products, without a long list of ingredients and undescribable names. Both pregnancy and pediatric worlds can make a great business for all kind of products, cosmetics or gadgets. And for the cosmetics part, you actually don’t need lots of creams nor for avoid stretchContinue reading “Skin care”

Fresh breath

Did you know that you can make your own toothpaste with just 4 ingredients? Standard toothpaste could contain way more than that, and not the best ones… Abrasives, detergents, flavours (saccharine), humectants,binders and other additives. And let’s not forget the sublingual administration principle: When a chemical comes in contact with the mucous membrane beneath theContinue reading “Fresh breath”

February essences

Spring is coming and already on February I could start looking for my favorite flowers, violets. My grandmother loved them and that’s why I think about her everytime I see them or smell them. And I love their essences, that immediately bring me to childhood and warmer days. So when I decided to stop usingContinue reading “February essences”

Bath time

Here is it, I tried the bath bombs, and it worked pretty well,so I am sharing with you the recipe. Indeed after that bath my skin was so soft,the smell is just perfect and I am not going to annoying you by talking about all the benefits of the lavender essential oil. Also I amContinue reading “Bath time”