Poppy seeds tea

🔸The calm of poppy fields🔸Poppy seeds are linked to multiple health benefits :Prevention of heart disease, Iron and phosphorus  for maintaining bones and muscles,calcium and magnesium for brain health… and they can also treat sleeplessness. Consuming a poppy seed drink (with moderation) can decrease the levels of cortisol in the body. This leads to aContinue reading “Poppy seeds tea”

Herbal honey

Put the spring into a jar and make your own infused herbal honey🌸 I just discovered that I can make my own infused herbal honey, with dried spices and organic herbs with a “no heat method” or fresh herbs with the “heated method” . 🔸Heated method :Heat slowly fresh herbs, like lilacs petals, and honey,Continue reading “Herbal honey”

Sweet moments

Let’s say that summer is not finished yet and prepare a yummy #milkshake to celebrate those sunny days. I’ve just found this recipe and we all loved this #smoothie, no tricky ingredients and so delicious. -Some strawberries -1 banana -A cup of oatmeal -A cup of milk (“vegetal” or animal your choice) -1 tsp ofContinue reading “Sweet moments”

Sweet rings

The sweetest rings and with no sugar! I’ve just tried a vegan donuts recipe, without sugar or dairy products and I also love the fact that those are baked donuts and not fried donuts. I’ve just need a cup of milk (whatever you want, a vegetable or animal milk) A cup of flavor (corn/wheat/oat…you choose)Continue reading “Sweet rings”

Gluten free brownie

I finally tried the brownie recipe without flour or refined sugar,it’s been awhile that I had it on my to-do list and I took advantage of Father’s Day to make it. It is really easy and you’ll only need 6 ingredients. Red beans, eggs, oatmeal, yeast, raw chocolate and a sweetener like honey or agaveContinue reading “Gluten free brownie”