Welcome June

June has finally arrived! Here in France we are going to celebrate mother’s day next Sunday, and it’s the perfect occasion to offer a #diy gift or spent some time crafting with your daughter. That’s the reason why I thought that those bracelets would be the perfect present. You just need some pearls, thick threadContinue reading “Welcome June”

Il était une fois…

…le corps humain. Remember that show? so pedagogical, it was a great way to learn the fonctions of the body. I wanted to make a children activity playful enough, no-screen related (my daughter is 3 yo) available for start learning about some parts of the body. So the felt set was the first and easiestContinue reading “Il était une fois…”

Teepee style

It’s been a while since I don’t share any déco Idea, remember the #zerowaste dreamcatchers? Last year,when my daughter started to play “symbolic games” we decided to offer her a teepee, but I wanted of course a #diy one and I found a way to only use recycled items. Toddlers love at that stage useContinue reading “Teepee style”