Green dishes

I already shared here some #diy recipes, most of them of cosmetics. But all household products can be easily done at home,with simply ingredients. Here it goes another one for my journal recipe.At home we use a homemade detergent, with just 5 ingredients, in order to avoid toxics, harmful for the environment and for ourContinue reading “Green dishes”

Bath time

Here is it, I tried the bath bombs, and it worked pretty well,so I am sharing with you the recipe. Indeed after that bath my skin was so soft,the smell is just perfect and I am not going to annoying you by talking about all the benefits of the lavender essential oil. Also I amContinue reading “Bath time”

Healthy Chandeleur !

There is a sweet celebration in France called la Chandeleur, It’s the first Saturday of February and it’s all about cook (and eat) french crepes. I want to celebrate all those funny traditions with my daughter, also because its a way to work on sensory activities and psychomotricity skills while we cook, and most importantContinue reading “Healthy Chandeleur !”

Natural gift

As a physiotherapist I usually receive some presents from nice people who like to trust on me; most of patients offered chocolates on Christmas season and now that I am pregnant I thought that it would be nice to also show my gratitude to all the people who is following this pregnancy. But I wantedContinue reading “Natural gift”

Lash out

Je vais ajouter à mon carnet de recettes #diy une formule que j’ai essayé au mois d’octobre dernier et que je ne veux pas oublier: le mascara fait maison. Je voulais un mascara sans produits toxiques,et surtout #crueltyfree, et j’ai trouvé deux solutions : -Le mascara Avril qui est une marque certifié ecocert (donc respectueuseContinue reading “Lash out”

Fleur bleue

Hey!I am so excited to share with you my last refashioned project creating matched outfits with my daughter. It’s a very easy one,but I love the result! From one pants to a baby dress an a top for me. I really love the aquarelle flowers print,and if you are following me on Instagram you alreadyContinue reading “Fleur bleue”

Summer oils

Narurally treat and prevent insect bites! 1.Treat them with 2ml of geranium essential oil, 2ml of peppermint EO, 1m of eucalyptus EO and 5ml of calendula vegetable oil. 2. Prevent insect bites with 2ml palmarosa, 3ml lemongrass, 3ml citronella, 1ml ginger and 1ml clove,two drops of the mixture in your lotion or a vegetable oil.

Good hair day

Après avoir installé une routine beauté pour ma peau,j’ai également commencé à changer mes habitudes en ce qui concerne mes cheveux. Et pour commencer j’ai essayé la recette “soin thermo-protecteur” toujours sur le site Toujours fidèle à leur produits,j’ai pu faire une nouvelle commande grâce au prix que j’ai gagné suite au concours mensuelContinue reading “Good hair day”