Working on creativity

If you are on Instagram you have probably seen all the creative posts of bloggers,and movements like the Weekend Hashtag Projet makes me want to work my creativity and learn some editing tips. To make it posible and aspiring to improve the way I edit my posts I use 6 apps: 1snapseed 2eraser 3photolayers 4unfoldContinue reading “Working on creativity”

From shirts to skirts

Do you remember the “Phoenix Renaissance” series? I create matching outfits for me and my daughter from recycled clothes,like two skirts from a jean or two dresses from an old long dress. It’s my own way to practice my sewing skills,and to fight against fabric waste and fast fashion consequences. This time I found twoContinue reading “From shirts to skirts”

Firts textures

Those balls are perfect for babies, all parents following the Montessori method love them. Besides, I used the leftover fabric of other diy projects, that means zerowaste! -Easy sensory ball in 6steps: 1. Cut 9 cercles of fabric: I made 6 corduroy cercles and 3 coloured cercles. The corduroy fabric will give another texture toContinue reading “Firts textures”

Carnet de recettes

Savon à la lavande fait maison Une recette rapide,comme une sorte de brouillon, pour éviter d’oublier la recette, même si elle est si facile que je ne crois pas que cela soit possible😉 Un pain de savon aux fragrances d’été: -De la lavande non seulement pour son odeur mais aussi pour ses vertus réparatrices etContinue reading “Carnet de recettes”

By the end of May

Soon we will welcome June, and slowly we have some shy sunny days. Maybe that’s the reason why suddenly last week I wanted to put some color in my lips. Bientôt nous accueillons le mois de juin, et petit à petit les beaux jours arrivent. C’est peut être pour cela que la semaine dernière j’aiContinue reading “By the end of May”

Spring Cleaning

Après un long hiver qui se bat encore contre les beaux jours et un nettoyage de printemps dans nos armoires, j’ai voulu continuer le nettoyage avec une cure détox afin d’éliminer quelques toxines et me préparer pour les beaux jours (on a toujours espoir qu’ils arrivent pour de bon) Después de un largo invierno queContinue reading “Spring Cleaning”

Rafia style

Spring is in the air. Longer and sunnier days, colorful clothes,the songs of the birds… slowly we leave this hard winter behind us and the summer will bring us to the beach style. I love it, the casual ways there, the rustic bohemian style,and all kind of handmade accessories. Rafia,crochet,guipure… The trend piece of lastContinue reading “Rafia style”

Small overalls

Tomorrow we are going to look for chocolate eggs. In my mind I see rabbits, colorful eggs, sunrises and daisies on green fields. Maybe that’s the reason why few weeks ago I needed to sew a rural girl outfit. This outfit is an inspiration of the overalls from Although I only wanted two suspendersContinue reading “Small overalls”

March days

Charles Dickens — ‘It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade.’ Charles Dickens- “Fue uno de esos días de marzo cuando brilla el sol caliente y sopla el viento frío: cuando es verano bajoContinue reading “March days”