March days

Charles Dickens — ‘It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade.’ Charles Dickens- “Fue uno de esos días de marzo cuando brilla el sol caliente y sopla el viento frío: cuando es verano bajoContinue reading “March days”

Under my skin…

When I thought it couldn’t get colder the weather decided to give us more snow,a white blanket has covered even the beaches. Cuando creí que no podía hacer más frío el tiempo decidió darnos más nieve,y una capa blanca cubrió hasta las playas más sureñas. Juste quand nous croyions qu’il ne pouvait pas faire plusContinue reading “Under my skin…”

Handmade spring

Spring seemed to arrive with longer and warmer days and suddenly the cold is going to come back again. We must wait a little bit to hot days. Until that, maybe we can feel the spring waves and wait to the wedding season with some pictures of crocheted wedding bouquets and handmade ring bearer pillow.Continue reading “Handmade spring”

Sweet dreams

“Sleep like a baby” they say…but the truth is that nights with babies are the most of time a rollercoaster of awakes, tears and calls to mummy and daddy. If the nightmares are started,the dreamcatchers can be a good friend to keep your toddler calm. I have some of them in colored version to matchContinue reading “Sweet dreams”

Catch your dreams

In a “new year resolutions” mood, I was thinking at what I want to change in my live, which dreams I want to purchase and how hard I must to work to make them come true. En modo “resoluciones de año nuevo” activado,estaba pensando en todo lo que quiero cambiar en mi vida,qué sueños quieroContinue reading “Catch your dreams”

Christmas’s magic

What about customize the old Christmas tree and make something a little more eco-friendly? That could be a good new year’s resolution, starting a new responsible attitude for our planet and our health. Y si transformas el viejo árbol de Navidad en algo un poco más respetuoso con el medio ambiente? Podría ser un buenContinue reading “Christmas’s magic”

Cyclade romance

Here just some ideas if you are looking for a boho wedding, another kind of dresses or places to celebrate your day. From the white island to the love island. Katharos beach,oia, Santorini,one feareless bridal day with the feet in the water. Dress: Headband: “diy” lace and crocheted flowers by my mum💕 #charoruiz #diyContinue reading “Cyclade romance”

Travel for two

After the aurora borealis’ magic, another different kind of travel started for us. A wedding,the live journey, and a beautiful day, surrounded by the best family in a dreamful place. A white day in the white island. And a lot of “do it yourself” in mind. Because it is unique, eco-friendly, we wanted to offerContinue reading “Travel for two”