Sugar wax

🔸Homemade hair removal wax🔸Yes, that’s something you can also do at home with just 4 ingredients: sugar+water+honey+lemonNo harmful ingredients, it’s great for your skin (even for sensitive skins) and #zerowaste!Heat the 500gr of sugar and slowly add the water (1/2 glass-15cl) until the mix bubble (remove from heat when the color is golden brown-similar toContinue reading “Sugar wax”

Homemade clay bar

🔸Homemade clay bar recipe below🔸Today we went outside for the first time in two weeks. Just taking out trash ,not even beyond the building and I felt like a criminal🤪I still can’t understand all the people who don’t respect the lock down prescriptions.Anyway, we’ll need some groceries soon, fresh veggies overall so we’ll see howContinue reading “Homemade clay bar”