Summer stars

Welcome August! some of my favorite things about that month are starry nights so I decided to make a new free template! I love this one and it’s great because it’s really versatile,you can play with these freebies in so different ways! I hope you like it as much as I do! So I createdContinue reading “Summer stars”

Summer crafts

Are crafts during summer still a thing?some people needs them more because school it’s over and we need to keep children entertained, other people enjoy more the pool,beach/holidays and don’t need that kind of activities during summer time. At home we still crafting as our routines don’t change that much (except if we travel,but weContinue reading “Summer crafts”

Zucchini Chocolate Bundt cake

Did you know that world chocolate day is celebrated on 7th July? I am more a salty person but I can’t live without some chocolate,so I try to choose treats without sugar or other additives. Oatmeal cookies with raw cocoa for example are easy and kids love it. Last month (already!?) I tried for theContinue reading “Zucchini Chocolate Bundt cake”

Geometric rhubarb pie

The end of the spring arrived and for the first time I found rhubarb so I absolutely needed to try a recipe and I chose rhubarb pie,it’s really easy the hard part was attempting these geometric styling 🙈I haven’t enough rhubarb for that and I did a few mistakes but here is the result: Ingredients:Continue reading “Geometric rhubarb pie”

Happy father’s day!

Today in France we celebrate father’s day!and I had another idea for a diy gift, I really hope you like it because I kinda love it! I always look for fun “best dad” t-shirts for that day but it needs to be slow fashion: two years ago I upcycled a t-shirt with fabric pens,last yearContinue reading “Happy father’s day!”

Summer crafts

It’s been a long time since I don’t share our current crafts!we have started the summer ones, featuring seasonal things that we are exploring at the moment,our that we love about that time of the year. We tried that painted shadow swan,so easy for kids,paper windmills which we love,white Clay beach shapes with shells, cardboardContinue reading “Summer crafts”

Recycling tshirts

Lately I have been decluttering our closets and found lots of t-shirts that were ready to be upcycled. There are lots of things to do with old t-shirts (I actually have started to share some ideas on Instagram and pinterest) and today I am going to share that fun project,with pompoms involved too! I hadContinue reading “Recycling tshirts”

Summer nights

It’s time for a new freebie! so happy to share this one for you all! Days are longer now and bedtime start a bit later at the moment,and it’s the perfect time to add a bit of magic to our story time,so we play with shadows and puppets,the Best part?you can do these puppets yourself,Continue reading “Summer nights”

Pie Carrier tote

Welcome June! I can’t believe that half a year has passed already! Summer is slowly coming and today I want to share that pie carrier tote,it’s a great zerowaste tool in order to avoid disposable bags or aluminum foil,and perfect for picnics!  So easy to sew,just two pieces of fabric and two straps as handles:Continue reading “Pie Carrier tote”