I know I am biased but I love her hair  Not easy to brush though! I use a homemade detangling hair spray, really easy with just a few ingredients: 🔸1 drop lemon essential oil,🔸3 drops geranium essential oil,🔸8 drops tea tree essential oil,🔸7 ml lavender essential oil,🔸4 ml apple cider vinegar,🔸100 ml mineral water,🔸5Continue reading “Tangled”

Il était une fois…

…le corps humain. Remember that show? so pedagogical, it was a great way to learn the fonctions of the body. I wanted to make a children activity playful enough, no-screen related (my daughter is 3 yo) available for start learning about some parts of the body. So the felt set was the first and easiestContinue reading “Il était une fois…”