Vintage doilies

Another upcycling today! And I did it using vintage doilies! I already shared here different ways to use vintage crocheted doilies,from dreamcatchers to handbags and I finally managed to create a big collar from a crocheted doily. It’s really easy,you just need to cut the doily in a half and sew each part on theContinue reading “Vintage doilies”

Happy father’s day!

Today in France we celebrate father’s day!and I had another idea for a diy gift, I really hope you like it because I kinda love it! I always look for fun “best dad” t-shirts for that day but it needs to be slow fashion: two years ago I upcycled a t-shirt with fabric pens,last yearContinue reading “Happy father’s day!”

My vintage Self-portraits

If you follow me on Instagram you already know that I started a new “self-challenge” where I want to share self-portraits inspired by movies,tv shows or cover magazines (specially from ’50s -’70s) I will share them on insta under #myvintageselfportraits and yesterday I shared one inspired by a ’65 vogue magazine. It’s not the firstContinue reading “My vintage Self-portraits”

Upcycled collar

If you liked my detachable collar you’ll probably love today’s refashioned one. I used the same pattern (download it for free here ) but you can use the model of your choice (adjust it if needed) That is the shirt that I wanted to upcycle,a basic/timeless but I didn’t liked it that much,and, overall, IContinue reading “Upcycled collar”